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Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 12:00 pm

By Rebeccah Barriger Contributing writer

Three companies implicated in criminal charges against the Town of Littleton are filing for a dismissal.

According to case number 16-CVS-30 in the Halifax County Courthouse, a lawsuit against Layne Heavy Civil, Inc, Layne Inliner, LLC, and Mack Gay Associates, the defendant companies have filed a motion for a hearing to dismiss all charges against them filed by the Town.

The defendants are moving for the charges dismissed on a becausee case does not belong in Civil Superior Court. The hearing is scheduled for Aug. 8, at the Halifax County Courthouse at 357 Ferrell Lane in Halifax, N.C.

Many residents have experienced serious issues with pot holes on many town streets - the result of what is claimed to be the incomplete work done by the companies during a complete overhaul of the town’s sewer system in 2005.

According to the documents, the Town, with the help of Mack Gay Associates, obtained a grant from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund to use in a rehabilitation project for the sewer and sanitation lines.

In the files, it stated that the Town had an issue with rainwater breaching the sewer lines, causing rainwater and raw sewage to spill into the environmen,t which the town reported on a monthly, and sometimes weekly, basis.

According to the documents, Mack Gay Associates did the design work for the project. Then the town contracted Layne Heavy Civil Inc and Layne Inliner LLC, who were doing business as Reynolds Inc, and Reynolds Inliner at the time, to do the actual replacement and repair of the lines.

The project began, according to the complaint, in 2005, with Mack Gay Associates continuing to provide project plans as well as observation services and construction administration.

According to the case, the original plan submitted by Mack Gay Associates involved very little digging of the roads in the town of Littleton - the company would use a “top hat” method to make the repairs. The suit alleges the company submitted these plans knowing there were issues with their ability to carry out the plan. The case also said the defendants knowingly, and against the advisement and concern of other companies who had bid on the project, still submitted and attempted the plan knowing it would not work.

Layne Heavy Civil and Layne Inliner bid $1,919,870 for the cost of the project, according to the case files, and won, however, they actually ended up charging the Town of Littleton over $2 million.

Construction on the project began in 2006 with the first phase of repairing and rehabilitating the main sewer lines and, according to the complaint, the Layne companies noted in detail their weekly work accomplished and the first phase in the project was said to be completed by November of 2006.   Read More:


Three companies implicated in in criminal charges against the Town of Littleton are filing for a dismissal.


Don't Bet On The Town of Littleton Winning in Court


To read a non-politically correct but honest evaluation of the board of commissioners and those departments they are charged with, and the decisions they make on behalf of the Citizens in The Town of Littleton. We will cover the Police Department, Water, Cemetery, Finance, and Roads. 



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