State Awards $8.4 Million in Local Parks and Recreation Grants

Governor Pat McCrory announced grants totalling $8.4 million from the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund will be awarded to 32 local governments to help fund land acquisition, development, and renovation of public park and recreation areas.

North Carolina?s parks and recreation areas are experiencing all-time-high visitation rates and continue to be an essential part of our state?s quality of life,? said Governor McCrory.

?These grants will continue to make North Carolina one of the best states in the nation to work, live and visit by preserving these treasured assets for generations to come.?

The Parks and Recreation Authority considered 66 grant applications requesting $18.3 million. A maximum of $500,000 can be awarded to a single project.

TOWN OF LITTLETON   LITTLETON, NORTH CAROLINA   AGENDA   April 04, 2016Monthly Board Meeting 6:30 pm

"Parks & Recreation – Commissioner Alston reported the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee had been meeting over the past month in preparation of PARFT Grant Application. The Pocket Park has become Phase 1 of the project. She announced Public Hearings on April 6 and 13, 2016." 


Town Commission's Seek Grant for a  Pocket Park

Bellow is a picture of before and after of a Pocket Park that Littleton Colorado  development 


Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016, 12:00 pm

Rebeccah Barriger

"Littleton residents got good news recently when Town Commissioner Sylvia Alston announced the town successfully secured a $178,000 grant for the construction of the town’s first park.

Alston expressed her appreciation for the town’s Parks and Recreation committee for all their hard work on the project thus far.

 “We did the impossible and I am so proud of this committee,” Alston said adding that the town will be taking the next steps in the project - purchasing the land - at the next commissioner’s work session.

She gave certificates of appreciation to committee members Wendy Bishop, Larry West Jr, Evelyn Melton, Chief Winifred Bowens, Diane Mallory, Kevin King, Sylvia Bowden and Philip Alston."


"Littleton residents get good news at monthly meeting"


$156, 000 Grant Total with $78,300 from the State and $78,300 from The Town of Littleton in Matching Funds. The Town bought the property fo $10,000 and property is valued around $50,000.