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Long-vacant building sold


Khai Hoang Mar 7, 2017 


A building in Littleton, vacant since about 2000, has a new owner.


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Buddy Isles Automotive takes control of Littleton Industrial Building after months of upset bids.


Posted: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 12:00 pm   Terry Harris Contributing writer


Buddy Isles Automotive takes control of Littleton Industrial Building after months of upset bids.

The Littleton Industrial Building at 231 U.S. 158 Highway, on the east side of town, is coming under new ownership. On Monday, Halifax County Commissioners unanimously approved the sale of the facility to Buddy Isles Automotive after several months of upset bids.

Buddy Isles, Jr., who will be running the business at the new location, took a few moments with his father, Buddy, Sr., to express his excitement about the move.

“I feel good about this,” Buddy Jr said. “It’s a good step. I made an offer seven years ago, and the aeroplane people went in there instead. When I heard they were leaving, I went straight in to Cathy (Scott – Executive Director for Economic Development for Halifax County.)

The Isles responded to questions about their proposed use of the property and went on to describe their business outside of town.

“It was my son’s idea seven years ago to do this,” said Buddy, Sr. “We have a full auto body repair shop with nine people working now, and expect to expand to 14-20 within the first few months.”

He went on to say that because of the purchase, they plan to expand the business to include automotive parts, U-Haul rentals, and to possibly lease part of the building for other businesses. He added that the building can house 200 cars inside, and that wrecker cars would remain on their other property out in the county. 

Commissioner Carolyn Johnson reported that she had been contacted by several Littleton residents who were in favor  of the sale. Littleton Town Councilwoman Heidi Hogan expressed the disappointment for the town of Littleton that their hope for a school to use the building had not come through.


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Halifax County Commissioners approved Buddy Isles’ $370,700 bid for the Littleton Industrial Building, located on U.S. 158 East. Isles, of Buddy Isles Tire and Automotive, said his son, Buddy Isles Jr., intends on operating the repair business inside the building.

“We’re also looking into the four-wheeler end of the business and lawnmowers and stuff like that,” Isles said. “Littleton needs more attention like any town. The more people we can draw in, the more people that are going to buy.”

"Isles said the plan is to open shop in the middle of April, adding he expects five to 10 new full-time jobs. Eventually, he said the plan is to also have a spot for vehicle enthusiasts to socialise as well as an option for people to setup yard sales on the property free of charge."


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The Building That Never Could 

Will  it make it this time?  Will it benifit The People of Littleton?

How much revenue will it generate for the Town of Littleton?


It's not the first time that Halifax County gave the Town of Littleton and the Citizens the foot? However, the Citizens of Littleton made the biggest mistake when they voted to join Halifax County instead of going to Warren County. The people of Littleton thought Halifax County would provide better funding than Warren County not realising thatThe Town of Littleton was at the bottom of the totem pole at number 13 having the fewest people than the other 12 communities in Halifax County and received the smallest portion of the funding. The Elected officials in the Town of Littleton should have known this before the vote to guide the Citizens for them to make the best decission.

Halifax County Schools refused to sell the McGiver school property to Kipp that would have possible revitalised The Town of Littleton, as did The High School in their day.

Then Halifax County turned down a bid from Mr Carroll of Tammy's Restaurant that has built and run a Five Star Restaurant that has benefited both the citizens and its visitors. I saw his plans for the building, and it was environmentally friendly to the surrounding area in every aspect and would help the town prosper.
Halifax County decided not to accept the lower bid, (That I refer to as 30 pieces of Silver) from Mr Carroll of Tammy's Restaurant. Tammy and Mr Carroll built and owned a Five Star Restaurant that has benefited both the citizens and its visitors to The Town of Littleton; They choose to take the Highest Bid from Buddy Isles Sr the owner of Buddy Isles Automotive, in The Town of Littleton.

In reviewing the beinifts between 52,260 proposed plans for the industrial building and Mr Carrolls plans if Halifax County would have accepted his bid and his goals I believe that it would have been a far greater benift for the Town of Littleton. I would like to state this is not a personal attack on Buddy Isles Sr As he is well like by myself and other in the community. I have had Buddy do automotive for me, and have given free advertisement for his business. However, I have always been an advocate for all the people.


I was surprised by Commissioner Carolyn Johnson reported that "she had been contacted by several Littleton residents who were in favour of the sale." Of Course friends and families of Buddy Isles Sr would be in favour of it? Elected officials that have the power of the vote when it comes selling a 52,260 Square Feet industrial building to a tiny Town that is One Square Mile in size they would consider what best choice for community development in the Town of Littleton? What bidder would have the most positive impact on the town and the citizens? 


A person does not necessarily have to have lots of knowledge in community development to make the best decision for the small town. Just listen to Buddy Isles statement to the Halifax County Board of Commissioner's statement telling them what kind of business and service he will be providing to the community. Having served on a Board for small city of 20,000 residents i would always check to see how a person wanting to start a business would effect the city as a whole.


I copied an aerial picture of the Town of Littleton and marked on the map all the other business that provide the same services as Buddy Isles? It's important to know that the merchants in the Town of Littleton have been struggling to keep their businesses going for decades and do not need more competition is a small town. The Merchants in the Town of Littleton never had any help from the Board of Commissioners. They built a Library not needed underlies and deceptions, A new Town Hall not required and build under false justifications for the Commissioners to spend an average of 5 hours a month for conducting business. And extremely mismanagement of the McPherson Building that could have benefited the Town of Littleton? Every development created as I mentioned above has continued to cost the Town money with no increase in revenues. 


Below is the photo showing all the businesses in the Town of Littleton that provide the product and services that Buddy Isles Sr said he is thinking of offering.


The Great news for the Town of Littleton is the fact they will receive around $4,488.00 in Taxes every year that runs .8%. Of course, the Town would have received the same amount from Mr Carroll that I believe was considering providing a variety of retailer's offering a broad range of products and services for people in and around the Town of Littleton. Also, Halifax County with receive around $4,356.00 at 7.78%. Close to $9,000 a year in taxes. A lot of financial obligation including Utilities and Maintenance Cost? I'm Sure we all wish Buddy Isle all the success possible.


I shared my thoughts with Mr Carroll regarding a possible Emporium that sells a great variety of items. Or to do what many people have done with an old industrial building like the well know Delmont Cannery that closed in San Francisco, and investors renovated it and put a variety of merchants for locals and tourist to entertain and shop in. It has been very successful since the 1960's. My thoughts for The Town of Littleton would be to make that building filled with a variety of permanent businesses, Merchants, and retailers offer a broad range of products and services that people usually have to go into Roanoke Rapids or to Rocky Mount to purchase. I have included a variety of designs that can be developed by the owner of the Industrial Building doing permanent business for customers to lease long term, or Tenants could purchase their modular or cubical facility to be inside the facility paying less on the lease that if they rent the facility designed by the building owners. The tenants would pay for any cost about utilities and modifications made by the Owner of the Industrial Building. I would suggest that the Industrial Building would be call "The Town of Littleton Mall."
Here is a wide variety of designs possible for the facility and or the individual

owners of their independent modules.


Amazing how the number 300 employees keep coming up regarding the Industrial Building, located at 231 US-158, Littleton, NC 27850. When Allegro LSA an Aerospace Company, certain Town o Littleton Commissioner
in 2011, spread the rumour that there would be 300 employees when that industrial building never had over 50 employees, and that is stretching it, Since 2004? Even Buddy Isle quoted the 300 employee figure in the Industrial Building. But Isle Sr like most new company owners most makes great predictions. Buddy, Sr. “We have a full auto body repair shop with nine people working now, and expect to expand to 14-20 within the first few months.” Will they be certified in their fields? Will people want to work at a company with reduced benefits Compared to other large corporations that have been in business for decades maintaining up to One Hundred full-time Employees?


Buddy Isles Sr reminds me of a man that was married to an exceptionally beautiful woman that was in front of a judge requesting a divorce from her five-year marriage. The Judge asks the woman why she wanted a divorce. The woman told the judge it was because we never consummated the marriage? The Judge gave a look of amazement with her statement of never having sex with her husband since the woman was so beautiful and sexy, so he told the women that he found that hard to believe since she was obviously a very classy intelligent and 


beautiful lady? He asks to explain to him how that was possible after a five-year marriage? She said to the Judge, "Your Honour, every night for five years my husband that was a salesman would sit on the edge of the bed and tell me how great sex is going to be for me"? But, it never happened?"




Commissioner Heidi Hogan, Destroyed a Memorial for our Veteran's that would have been a great honour for our Military that died following The Commander-in-Chiefs Marching orders, and for The Town of Littleton. Unique and nothing like it in America.