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Although one Lake Gaston menace, the invasive plant hydrilla, has declined, another has increased its presence in the waters: Lyngbya algae.

The threat hasn’t gone unnoticed as members of the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Board focused heavily on the algae and its explosive growth potential.
“It is a hindrance,” said Steve Hoyle with the North Carolina State University Extension
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Lake group battling algae growth


Khai Hoang Mar 3, 2017


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Read a more in-depth report and evaluation on the purchase of the Industrial  Building sold to Buddy Isles and it's  positive and negative effect on the Town of Littleton community.  Go to


Warehouse Inventory Auction


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Items in 107 Church St Littleton, NC across from Littleton Hardware are now available for bids. Minimum Bids $10.00 per item unless otherwise noted. All Proceeds credit to the Park and Rec Fund. The building will be open for viewing on March 10th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Deadline for bids is March 29th at 5:00 pm. Successful bidders must remove items no later than April 26th. Sealed bids will be accepted at Littleton Town hall, or via
Please                                                                                                                     to view photos and list, of all surplus goods.
If other viewing times are needed 
Inventory of Surplus Goods
107 Church St Littleton NC
Across from Littleton Hardware
All items are “As Is”
Successful bidders must remove items no later than April 26th
All Proceeds credit to the Park and Rec Fund
Minimum Bids $10.00 per item unless otherwise noted.
The building will be open for viewing on March 10th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Best Decision  made by Littleton Commissioner's


Mark Mathews/LGG-O
Wanda Clark, right, is sworn in as the town clerk of Littleton Monday by Mayor Diana Bobbitt.


Clark takes office oath as Littleton town clerk


Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014, 9:55 am
Mayor Diana Bobbitt swore in Wanda Clark as the new town clerk of Littleton Monday afternoon in the Town Hall building.
“Of all the people we interviewed, she was the best choice,” Bobbitt said. “The cream rises to the top. The town is going to be very happy.”
Commissioner Heidi Hogan agreed with the mayor.
“It’s a very difficult position,” she said. “We had a strong bank of candidates. It’s amazing that a town this size is able to get someone of this calibre to fill the position.”


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"A great decision was made by the Town of Littleton's Commissioner's in the Spring of 2014 and the decision was to hire Wanda Clark as the Town Clerk." 


Was hiring Wanda Clark and that is the only good major decision made by the Commissioners that I could find for the last decade according to others and myself.


Wanda Clark has been a breath of fresh air to the people in the Town of Littleton I, as many other people find Wanda Clark, to be a very honest and a True Christian, that cares for all the people and will do her best to help the Citizens and the Commissioners.  I have observed her complete professionalism as the Town Clerk/Finance Officer and her warm personality toward others. If Wanda does not have an answer she will find the correct one. She accepts responsibilities and if she is wrong she will be the first to admit it.


I ran this in my First Edition of The Town of Littleton for thePeople Nov. 2015

Here is a Novelty, Wanda Clark believes that the Town of Littleton is owned by the people and those that have the honour to serve the people, should be totally transparent with the people. 


Town Clerk/Finance/Officer, Hires The Best


Meet Holly K Barcelo, the new Assistant Town Clerk.

And for all you male Homo erectus I will not fault you for noticing Holly's Beauty. It's understandable being distracted, however, remember that woman today say they want you to see their brains and personality. So, stop looking at her picture, and I will tell you that she is imteligent, has a great personality and is doing a great job as the Assistant Town Clerk. Wanda Clark was out of town on official business, and while I was on the phone with Holly she paused and processed a person at the window paying their water bill. I could hear how professional and personable she was with the customer. It was like she had been working there for a year. Wanda Clark had hired her clone.  Holly K Barcelo worked at BB&T. Holly will be a welcomed asset to the Town of Littleton municipality.  


Meet Holly K Barcelo

Under new ownership


Posted: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 12:00 pm
Terry Harris Contributing writer

Buddy Isles Automotive takes control of Littleton Industrial Building after months of upset bids.
The Littleton Industrial Building at 231 U.S. 158 Highway, on the east side of town, is coming under new ownership. On Monday, Halifax County Commissioners unanimously approved the sale of the facility to Buddy Isles Automotive after several months of upset bids.
Buddy Isles, Jr., who will be running the business at the new location, took a few moments with his father, Buddy, Sr., to express his excitement about the move.
“I feel good about this,” Buddy Jr said. “It’s a good step. I made an offer seven years ago and the aeroplane people went in there instead. When I heard they were leaving, I went straight into Cathy (Scott – Executive Director for Economic Development for Halifax County.)
At the Commissioners’ Meeting, Glynn Rollins, Attorney for Halifax County, explained that the proper legal steps concerning upset bids related to the sale had been followed, and all that remained for the Commissioners was to decide whether to accept the bid made by Isles and complete the sale of the building
The Isles responded to questions about their proposed use of the property and went on to describe their business outside of town.
“It was my son’s idea seven years ago to do this,” said Buddy, Sr. “We have a full auto body repair shop with nine people working now, and expect to expand to 14-20 within the first few months.”
He went on to say that because of the purchase, they plan to expand the business to include automotive parts, U-Haul rentals, and to possibly lease part of the building for other businesses. He added that the building can house 200 cars inside, and that wrecked cars would remain on their other property out in the county. “It’s going to be pretty.”


            Inventory of Surplus Goods
Items in 107 Church St Littleton, NC across from Littleton Hardware are now available for bids. Minimum Bids $10.00 per item unless otherwise noted. All Proceeds credit to the Park and Rec Fund.


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