Picture post on Facebook February 12, 2016, by Stephen Acai‎ to Littleton North Carolina


You can see that they did not have our Mr. Clark do the sign for the Littleton meat market. 


From collection-The second Littleton railroad passenger station and freight room. This structure was one North Main Street. Today the footprint of the building is partially located across the street from Littleton Hardware and extends westward to where the scale model of Person's Ordinary is located. The building was built so close to North Main that the roof overhand extended out over the street. In the days of stupid segregation which in my opinion was never right to begin with, the waiting and restrooms for African Americans were one the left in this photograph and whites used the area on the right along with the freight room. Tickets were purchased in the center of the building at the two windows or inside. The train schedule was written on a chalkboard attached to the building. The date and the photographer are unknown. I believe the man in the photo is a person who handled baggage and freight for the railroad whom all called Ralph. I remember seeing him handle the two carts in the photo. A portion of the top of Alston Grocery Company can be seen in the upper right-hand area. There was a separate wooden freight depot diagonally across the tracks from this brick building that was constructed in 1837 when eighty-five Raleigh-Gaston RR between Gaston and Raleigh was constructed. Littleton was the first of eighteen stops on the line. The railroad reached Littleton in May 1838. My Great Uncle WT Skinner worked for the railroad as a freight agent/ticket agent for nearly five decades. He also operated the depot in Vaughan, NC. Once the town leader's took possession of the structure it was decided to tear the building down. It was a gem of a building.


Scott Garlock Photography

May 26

"Winter Spirit" Coursing past a pair of ornate iron gates hung invitingly open, the memories of those long departed can be felt carried on a cold winter breeze. (2014)

Photographer's Notes - While looking through my raw data files, I was surprised to find this never before posted the photograph of this old Halifax County, NC plantation home. I have photographed this venerable home on a few occasions, and this is the only photograph I have taken that shows the home's front entrance in a winter scene.

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Scott Garlock Photography