Commissioners, Staff, audience members and members of the media shall treat one another with courtesy and respect at all times.

 All in attendance shall refrain from making inappropriate, offensive, insulting or malicious remarks to anyone.  Likewise, vocal boisterous or other disruptive demonstrations which will disrupt the orderly flow of the meeting will not be allowed. Any person engaging in this type of behaviour shall be ruled out of order by the Mayor, and at the direction of the Mayor, shall be escorted from the building.

 Please silence all electronic devices. (i.e. cell phones and pagers)


 The Littleton Town Council welcomes you to this meeting and encourages public participation during the two (2) Public Comments sections of the meeting, as well as commenting on a specific agenda item at the time of its consideration.

 How to Address the Board at a Regular Meeting or Special Called Meeting (in person or by written statement)?


·       Contact the Town Clerk to be added to the Speaker Request List at least two (2) business days before the start of the meeting. (by Thursday at 5:00 pm for a Monday evening meeting.)

·       Please begin your remarks by stating your name and address. Direct your comments to the Mayor. Please refrain from addressing any individual member of the Board, Staff or other members of the audience.

·       Keep your comments pertinent to your chosen subject matter.

·       Please avoid being repetitive, and refrain from using inappropriate, offensive or vulgar language.

·       You will have a reasonable amount of time to speak, as determined by the Mayor, during the Public                       Comments section, and you will have two (2) minutes to speak on specific agenda items at the time of their consideration.

·       Written Statements containing inappropriate, offensive, insulting or malicious remarks or that excessive in length, as determined by the Mayor, will not be read.


Please keep in mind that this is your opportunity to address your comments and concerns to the Council as a whole. A Commissioner, the Town Clerk, or Town Attorney may ask you a question for clarification.  Board members and staff will not enter into a discussion with you unless otherwise granted by the Mayor.




Town Board of Commissioners holds their regular meeting on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm unless other wise posted?

Board work session meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am

All town meetings will be held at the new Town Hall building at 112 E. South Main Street. Please park behind the building and enter through the back door facing North Main Street.

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Wanda Clark,

Town Clerk/Finance Officer


 TOWN OF LITTLETON                                                                                                                LITTLETON-NORTH CAROLINA

                                                                                                     Town Hall 

                                                                                      112 East South Main Street


                                                                                                    April 03, 2017

                                                                                   Monthly Board Meeting 6:30 pm



Holly K Barcelo,

Assistant Town Clerk.

1.              Call meeting to order 6:30 p.m.


2.              Pledge of Allegiance followed by Invocation


3.              Motion to approve the Agenda


4.              Consider approval of Minutes of meeting(s) held March 2017

5.              Approval for payment of bills made in March 2017


6.              Consider Bank Account Signatures Resolutions

a)     R-17-001  NCCMT

b)    R-17-002  BB&T

c)     R-17-003  First Citizens Bank


7.              Citizen Concerns and Comments –

a)     Howard Corey NC 811 Utilities

b)   Bill Hock - Event on North Main Memorial Day

c)   Buddy Isles Sr. - Town Improvement


8.              Commissioner Reports on activities in March 2017


9.              Citizens Comments on Commissioner Reports – comments/questions- limited to 2 minutes.


10.           Mayor’s remarks


11.           Motion to go into Closed Session pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11 – nothing at this time


12.           Adjourn -

 Next Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, May 01, 2017 at 6:30 pm.

 All meetings are open to the Public.


DOT Work on Main Street/Hwy 158


DOT reps and the company who will be doing the work met during the week to firm up work to be done on the sidewalk/drains along 158 beginning at BB&T Drive Through extending to the driveway at Grandpa’s Kitchen.  This week (November 14-18, 2016) workers will be in the area filming, measuring, etc. to set up for work to begin.

Actual work is to begin the Monday of Thanksgiving week (November 21-26, 2016).  Grandpas will be closed for the week and the crews plan on beginning at Grandpa’s working in sections down to BB&T.

The project is expected to take two weeks. The sidewalk will be replaced.  A handicap entry will be on the sidewalk near the BB&T.  Work on curbs  and drains will occur and “bicycle grades” will replace those currently in the area.

The concrete will be removed, broken up and put in the area along the railroad bed (note this will be monitored). Glass will be protected by large heavy tarps during the construction.

Merchants in the affected area have been notified and the work plan should minimise their inconvenience.

Questions can be directed to the Town Street Commissioner  Heidi Hogan.


HOW TO BEHAVE AT                         OUR TOWN MEETING

Work Session –

April 18th

at 9 am